Honoring the Ordinary

My grandparents were farmers and ranchers.

My mother has a degree in Home Economics.

As I raised three children, I cooked dinner most evenings for over 20 years.

During that time, I also stole time to feed my soul by working with metal whenever I could.

I started making objects that would enrich my everyday life – that would make me smile as I cooked those dinners – that would give those ordinary activities a special touch.

These pieces are basic – a spoon, a butterknife, a fork…. And they are functional tools meant to nourish the soul as they serve the food. I thought about how they would function as I made them. The part that comes into contact with the food is stainless steel. I make sure they fit comfortably into the hand. These pieces are meant to be used.

As time goes on, I better understand the hard work and sacrifices of my parents, grandparents and others that went into making my life as rich as it is. My work honors them. I only wish my grandmother could have used one of my spoons to mix something she was cooking. I think she would smile.